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Hematite and Magnetite are two common minerals that form naturally on the Earths surface that are often confused for meteorites. 2007 August 11, 00:05:07 PDST. ISO accreditation is a measure of quality used by universities and research centers worldwide. Youmay submit up to 5 images of the same sample for evaluation. Entire mass purchased by the 28.57 kg. In addition, falls are listed chronologically (starting with the most recent), while the dearth of dry-lake finds are listed alphabetically for the readers convenience. Oroville - Find 1893. You will get the best results by taking your rock or mineral to a local source where it can be handled and examined closely. 009 CdDL 009 2000 H5 19 g 86 LV 051 2003 L5 6 g 91 Dale Dry Lake - Find 1957. Found by S. Ellis in San Bernadino county: 3436.7'N, 1152.0'W. Ventura - FInd 1953. Others report the presence of platinum-group elements, which cannot be detected in rocks by XRF because the concentrations are too low part-per-billion levels in terrestrial rocks and part-per-million levels in chondrites. Naturhistorisches Museum Box LV 027 2003 L6 3.1 g 89 001 CdDL 001 1999 L6 32.5 g 86 Found by B. Sajkowicz in Imperial County: 3257'N, 11440'W. Red Rock - Find 1976. Buying a meteorite on the Internet requires trusting that you will receive an actual meteorite and not just a rock. LV 040 2004 L6 5.2 g 89 Procita said he had been shown a video of a fireball coming out of the sky around the time his house was destroyed. Registered Laboratory with federal Certificate of Provider-Performed Microscopy (PPM). Telephone: (503) 725-3372 Step 2. On our secure, future-proof infrastructure, you can grow from prototype to planet-scale without having to think about capacity, reliability, or performance. 320 CyDL 320 2007 ?? I recommendActlabs, which has branches on several continents. An official website of the United States government. More than half of these rocks were from northern Africa or the Middle East and a couple, I believe, were stones that someone had bought or inherited. 142 CyDL 142 2000 H4 32.2 g 89 Marvin is one of the foremost experts in Meteorite preparation using polishing and etching techniques derived from years of experience. 18.41 g. [Image by Laurence Garvie / Center for I guess I might be buying a lottery ticket today, he said. Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Ref. 200 g. Dale mining district, Pinto Mountains, Riverside County, CA. IID. Limited Classification Services (see web site) Note: Send only a small (walnut size - if possible) sample(s). Meteorites that originate from the Moon range in age from 4.5 to 2.9 billion years old. : (+380) 672-316-316 Silver Dry Lake 002 - Find 2000. LV 018 2002 H6 0.97 g 88 A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Like most tests, it should be used with caution as many terrestrial rocks also have no streak. Goose Lake - Find 1938. (see very bottom of this page) 43.8 g. Silver Dry Lake 001 - Find 2000. LV 035 2004 CK4 0.92 g 90 All metallic meteorites will strongly attract a magnet and the vast majority of meteorites will attract a magnet to some degree. Meteorites are "fragments of rock or iron from a meteoroid, asteroid, or possibly a comet that pass through a planet or moon's atmosphere and survive the impact on the surface" (1). D & D Agricultural Laboratory Inc. We have been very successful at locating meteorites in the field. Meteorites: Philipp R. Heck So, I forward to him an update for his website. If you suspect we may have made an error in our visual analysis, we highly recommend you do seek a second opinion. 333 g. Found by N. Gessler in Imperial County: 3252'15"N, 11546'57"W. Old Dominion Mine - Find 2000 October 13. Los Angeles - Recognized 1999 Oct 30. RENO, Nev. - Tiny meteorites found in the Sierra foothills of Northern California likely were part of a giant fireball that exploded in daylight with about one-third the explosive force of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, scientists said Wednesday. When these meteoroids hit the Earth (as meteorites) they range in size from pebbles to the 34 ton Ahnighito meteorite that the American explorer Admiral Robert Peary discovered in Greenland. The availability of specific meteorite testing labs changes over time, so you should conduct a search to find one suitable for conducting the test. HrDL 029 2008 H6 11.6g Probably the first meteorite found 162 CyDL 162 2002 H5 9.9 g 89 Finding another topic to write about, while sticking to the theme of California meteorites, wasnt a problem for me. 006 SuV 006 2001 H6 78.5 g 86 Just because a sample passes all these tests does not mean it is a meteorite but it may mean it is worth having an expert examine it. H4. (MB#86), Sunfair - Find 2006. H3.5, breccia; S3 W2. ansgar.greshake@mfn.berlin The specimens were collected in the Mojave Desert, but may have been as much as 20 years earlier. LV 031 2004 CK4 3.22 g 90 [More, here]. Essex - Find 2002 Febr 24. CMS CMS Multiple Sites under a licensed or registered laboratory. Possible buried impact crater. Sunfair 002 - Find 2013. Do not send a rusty old flake that's fallen off the outside). FAX: ++49 (251) 8339083 In fact, I may be required to show more convincing data that my L5-chondrite finds are not actually related to the already-named L5-chondrite strewn-field that they were found within, before the NomCom feels comfortable approving my name request. Welcome to the website store with an inventory of some of the most celebrated meteorites from around the world. LV 048 2004 H4 2.29 g 89 008 SuV 008 2001 L6 77.4 g 86 Abbr # Date Class Mass MB# (Reference) Meteorite-Recovery lab 1157 W mission ave unit #463084 Escondido, California United States Phone: 8185995071 Web: http://www.meteorite-recovery.org/ Category: Taken advantage of consumers, Consumer Services, Scammed and Ripped Off Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery | Texas Christian University | 2950 West Bowie Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76109 | 817-257-6277, This is a stony meteorite type known as ordinary chondrite. IIIAB. Enter a location to find a nearby meteorite testing. CyDL# Abbr # Date Class Mass MB# (Reference) Meteorite Identification Meteorites are extremely rare. 3520'N, 11519'W. Bottom line: XRD can often prove that a rock is not a meteorite but it rarely provides unambiguous evidence that a rock is a meteorite. 164 CyDL 164 2002 H5 43 g 89 : Meteoritics 1, 1955, p. 295. (NOTE: Cascadia does NOT analyze stones, but ONLY evaluates images sent via email! A true meteorite will not have any holes or bubbles at all. Link: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/metsoc2009/pdf/5054.pdf, El Mirage Dry Lake (EMDL) - But then more people two, three or four more started coming in and talking about it.. They can do the analysis on as little as 1 gram, however, if you request no LOI (loss on ignition, i.e., % weight loss when the sample is heated to a high temperature). Dr. Ludovic Ferrire LV 092 2007 H5 0.6g Mail photos to Martin Beech LV 098 2008 CK4 1.5g Flagstaff AZ 86011 Meteorite image and parts of the information on this page are based on the work of Dr. Korotev at WUSTL. L4. Robert P. Moreno Jr., Jim Albers and Peter Jenniskens. From Business: Founded in 1966, BSK Associates is a full-service engineering consulting and testing firm. 138 CyDL 138 2000 H5 18.3 g 89 Used with permission. The first happened on April 7, 1971. CLR REG Registered Laboratory with federal Certificate of Waiver (COW). Fax: (503) 725-3025 Examples include glaciation, volcanism, sinkholes, atolls, salt domes, intrusions, and hydrothermal explosions (to name just a few). "Table 4. I will not do that, however, unless I am >95% certain that the rock is, in fact, a meteorite on the basis of the information that you provide me. Magnet test LV 028 2003 CK4 3 g 90 Using a relative scale of 0 to 10, indicate how the sample responds, with 0 being no response and 10 being equal to solid iron. the late Mrs. Alice Zimmerman while prospecting in the Pinto Mountains. 021 CdDL 021 2004 L6 31.7g IAB-MG. 1802g. Meteorites leave no streak or a light grey streak if pressed hard. Definitely feel very lucky that it was 30ft away from me and not five, he added. El Mirage Dry Lake 002 (EMDL 002) 2001 H4 13g Owens Valley - Find 1913. 13.8 kg. 550 W Locust Ave. Fresno, CA 93650. Voice: 508-478-4020 Fax: 508-478-5104, Montana Meteorite Lab See a daughters perspective on the iconic photograph The Cowboy & the Meteorite. 26g. Common rocks include granite, basalt First identified in a meteorite found in Africa in 2014, the calcium-aluminum silicate mineral has been named in honor of lunar geologist and USGS A spectacular geological event took place on the Atlantic margin of North America about 35 million years ago in the late part of the Eocene Epoch. LV 089 2007 L5 2.6g We have been known to hand customers a 100-page report on a complex failure analysis in as little as two to three days. Carleton moved to ASU in 1961 at the request of George Fales (longtime meteorite enthusiast, ASU benefactor, and Center philanthropist) to head the newly formed Center for Meteorite Studies. Classification: Martian (shergottite) Total Known Weight: 698 g. The Los Angeles Martian Meteorite was identified as a meteorite in 1999 years after it was found in the desert. (720) 593-8234 Questions Order by phone Bulk pricing Gold Paydirt Gold Ore Kimberlite Gold Nuggets Retail Pricing Wholesale Orders empty lot on the outskirts of the town of Rosamond (Kern County). Was buried under about 2 meters of silt and loam. LV 010 -.- -.- 6.4 1965-12-xx H4 18.2%+/-0.4 S2 W3 A. LV 002 -.- -.- 5.8 1963-08-xx LL4 27.5%+/-0.6 S2 W3 R. A. Oriti Oriti After I had two of my finds from that strewn-field classified, I submitted those meteorites to the Nomenclature Committee (NomCom) in order to get formally-approved names for them. If we have any questions aboutyour sample or need to communicate something about it, we will email you directly. Paymaster Mine - Find 2004 October 10. 117 CyDL 117 1999 H3 162 g 89 We are willing to clear land of meteorites for a share. In the spring of 2013 there was another meteorite fall that struck two Connecticut homes. 2.1 kg. See more about metal objects below. A 699 g stone was found at the base of Black Mountain by Bill Sajkowicz. Stony meteorites contain small flecks of metal that are evenly distributed throughout the meteorite. Find Type Mass Ref. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. 019 CdDL 019 2008 L6 10.1g touching birthday message to a best friend boy. I had one individual tell me about it first and like, OK, Ill put that in the back of my mind. 014 SuV 014 2002 Acapulcoite 1.77 g 90 For the purpose of identifying meteorites, the main problem with EDXRF is that unless the sample has been ground to a fine powder, a spot analysis is obtained, not a bulk (whole-rock) analysis. Location: 3329'05''N, 11739'45''W. UCLA has one of the strongest cosmochemical teams in the world. Find nearby meteorite testing. 064 CyDL 064 1999 H5 1364 g 89 2008: 425 fragments - 20 pounds, by Ruben Garcia. Rocks and minerals must be examined in person from all perspectives for accurate identification; they are extremely difficult to identify through photographs. Lucerne Valley Meteorites found on Lucerne Dry Lake" compiled by Bob Verish: 3522'24.88"N, 11520'37.95"W. Main mass with finder S. Humeston. LV 036 2004 CK4 2.48 g 90 Two specimens with a total California: 288: Louisiana: 3: New Mexico: 228: Utah: 27: Colorado: 94: Maine: 5: New York: 12: Vermont 1 *** Connecticut: 6: . 002 CyDL 002 1998 H5-6 106.7 g 89 L5 (S2, W1), 112.9g stone, found by E. Melchiorre. Rosamond Dry Lake - Find 1940. Two stones, weighing 452.6 g and 245.4 g respectively, were recovered by Robert (Bob) Verish (P.O. Research Research of extraterrestrial materials, particularly involving meteorites, is commonly called cosmochemistry. 3404.5'N, 11601'W. As a geochemist, I suggest whole-rock analysis of chemical composition. SuV# Abbrev. Count on accurate, real-time location information. Earth and Planetary Science Gallery The Laboratory of Meteoritics LV 011 -.- -.- 3.8 1968-05-xx L6 24.5%+/-0.2 S4 W3 R. Russell Griffith The Penn Valley fire department said it was working with the state agency Cal Fire to investigate what started the blaze at Procitas house, which is nestled in a rural area that is home to ranchers and cattle farmers. 134 CyDL 134 2000 H5 117.5 g 89 32g. LV 007 -.- -.- 4.8 1963-11-xx R. W. Leonard NOT TESTED 1). Our band saw has cut meteorites as large as 300 kg with excellent accuracy. Meteorites are pristine pieces of our solar system, most over 4.5 billion years old, that are delivered to our doorsteps by gravity. We have a huge selection of meteorites to offer. 011 CdDL 011 2000 L6 10.7 g 86 Southwest Meteorite Laboratory providing meteorites for research, education, and private collectors since 1990. How to find meteorite testing near me Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . More wonderful scenery is waiting for you to find. Please refer to their site for additional information. In EDXRF, a small (usually much less than a millimeter) electron beam is aimed at the sample and the emitted X-rays are collected with a detector that sorts the X-rays in order of increasing energy to yield an X-ray spectrum. It is with great sadness that we bid a final farewell to Center founding director Professor Carleton B. Moore, who passed away February 10th. It is important that you test the inside of a meteorite as if the outside is rusty you will get a false result. Borrego - Find 1930. This is dealt with in much more detail on the Meteorite or Meteorwrong page. Impact in former inland sea. I did not see what it was, but from everybody I talked to [it] was a flaming ball falling from the sky, landed in that general area.. The image above is a great demonstration of why the staff at the Monnig Meteorite Collection and Gallery will not identify rocks from photographs. 152 CyDL 152 2001 H5 10.8 g 89 2002-2023 All rights Reserved. 029 CdDL 029 2008 H4 22.2g, Danby Dry Lake - First mass found in 2000. 3941'N, 12138'W. Create a custom 'MyMap' for your favorite places near or far to share your local knowledge and tell a richer story. H6. Be aware, however, that most meteorite dealers will ignore you because, like me, they are contacted every day by sincere persons with meteorwrongs. For information on user permissions, please read our Terms of Service.If you have questions about licensing content on this page, please contact ngimagecollection . Shingle Springs - Find 1869. https://goo.gl/maps/ckFTAcWMAco. We have the ability and the equipment including a variety of metal detectors; and off road vehicles; camping gear; and GPS. (NOTE: Cascadia does NOT analyze stones, but ONLY evaluates images sent via email! These magnets are widely available and can be found at most Home Depot hardware stores and Hobby Lobby craft stores. The fragmentation behavior of the Creston fall is anomalous for an average meteorite, based on comparison with other meteorite falls seen in weather . , III AB. on a landslide. IIIAB. She suffered a grapefruit-shaped bruise but was otherwise physically fine, according to the website spacecentre.co.uk. We BUY, SELL and TRADE METEORITES Custom meteorite cutting since 1991 We take pride in our meteorite cutting which is on display in many of the world's largest museums and meteorite collections. 17.9 kg. P.O. Cannabis testing labs in California must maintain to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. 009 SuV 009 2001 L6 116.4 g 86 There are many natural processes other than impacts that can create circular features and depressions on the surface of the Earth. Southwest Meteorite Laboratory. The meteorite was found somewhere in the Mojave Desert in California, and consists of two stones of 452.6 & 245.4 grams. 33o59'N, 115o41'W. How can I tell if I have found an impact crater? A video of the fireball was obtained at the Location: 3400'N, 11547'W (source: MB 65). More, here. H6. LV 021 2002 H6 3.92 g 88 Testing revenues are also on the low end, though labs with operations in multiple markets can generate annual revenues in the seven figures. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS D-10115 Berlin, Germany, METEORITE TESTING AND CLASSIFYING INSTITUTIONS. http://meteorites.pdx.edu/ Department of Geology Meteorites are fragments of rock or metal that fall to Earth from space. CA (LAB 43) - NVLAP Lab Code 200855-0 San Leandro, CA (LAB 09) - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-3 Santa Clara, CA . 1973 March15, between midnight and 4 am PST. Supposedly found by an anonymous prospector. million years ago). This produces a list that has meteorite falls, which are the most sought for information, appearing at the top of the list, while the numerous finds from dense collection areas (i.e., dry-lakes) appear lower in the list. LV 122 2012 H5 2.3g. IMCA does not have the facilities to test suspected meteorites but we would suggest that you contact one of the meteorite verification laboratories listed below. Main mass with James Schwade in Kankakee, Il. 012 CdDL 012 2002 H5 0.72 g 88 Suspect Meteorite Form (pdf), Dr. Denton S. Ebel The metal in a meteorite has the unusual characteristic of containing up to 7% nickel. Scale confidently, backed by our infrastructure. 318 CyDL 318 2009 H5 7.2g 99 Because most meteorites contain metal, they typically feel heavier than they should for their size. 026 SuV 026 2006 L4 15.8 g 91. LV 025 2003 H4 21 g 89 Actlabs requests a 5-gram sample (a US nickel weighs 5 grams). Copyright 2023 Southwest Meteorite Laboratory. LV 029 2003 CK4 10.1 g 90 The first thing that you need to do is to have it examined and verified as a meteorite by a testing lab that verifies and or classifies meteorites. Goldstone Dry Lake - Find 1999. Found by S. Clary at 3600.13'N, 11611.78'W on desert pavement. 4.4 g Provisional Meteorite Field Testing Guide. I do not classify meteorites and I do not provide Certificates of Authenticity. I am a retired geochemist and I no longer have a laboratory. LV 120 2010 L6 43.1g Third, it seems that some users do not really know what they are doing. Harper Dry Lake (HrDL) - finds as compiled by the Meteoritical Society in their Meteoritical Bulletin. Box 751 Portland, OR 97207-0751 Telephone: (503) 725-3372 Fax: (503) 725-3025 ruzickaa@pdx.edu http://meteorites.pdx.edu/ http://meteorites.pdx.edu/possible-met.htm This website comes with a search engine that can produce a list of the current California, USA meteorites. L4. 151 CyDL 151 2001 H6 90 g 89 Iron-ung. The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. Dr. Franz Brandsttter 067 CyDL 067 1999 L6 412 g 89 3252'N, 11535'W. Dr. Monica Grady Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences debel@amnh.org We use state of the art cutting equipment and methods. Testing Labs Research & Development Labs Analytical Labs. Dr. Richard Greenwood A lock () or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. Dr. Randy Korotev Bruceville - Find 1998. Help Support Your Lab Washington University LV 094 2008 CK5 3.5g Yuba City's Sentinel camera by the late Larry R. Stange. If you must communicate something about the sample that is not immediately evident in the photographs, please do so in the notes sectionduring the photo upload process. 115 CyDL 115 1999 H5-6 1369 g 89 The meteorite was found in 1976 by three prospectors in the Old Woman Mountains of San Bernardino County. 276 CyDL 276 2006 H6 47.2 g 93 The Side by Side Test. For, example, a fellow contacted me once saying Big time reputable gold dealer tested it with his X ray gun.The big-time-reputable gold dealer told him that his rock contained at least 15% Bohrium,an element that does not occur in nature and the only isotope of which has a half-life of ~85 milliseconds. Magnetic: Since most meteorites contain metallic iron, a magnet will often stick to them. 274 CyDL 274 2006 H4 7.5 g 93 3728'N, 11800'W. (928) 523-9044 (office) Like most tests, it should be used with caution as many terrestrial rocks also have no streak. Part 1 Looking for Visual Identifiers 1 Discern if the rock is black or rusty brown. Meteorites that originate from asteroids are all ~4.5 billion years old. Click on the image to see the results of the tests detailed below on these samples. It willbe easier for you to catch the attention of an overworked meteorite petrologist or meteorite dealer if you have the compositional data. Meteorite is displayed at the Desert Discovery Center, 831 Main Street, Barstow, CA. The flowchart below was adapted from Guedes et al. The Tagish Lake meteor is one of the most important discoveries in Canada in recent years. Prehistoric mines and quarries are also sometimes mistaken for impact craters. L5, Fa = 25.0, Fs = 21.5. One meteorite testing laboratory a few years ago said that they received on average 7000 rock samples per year from persons who thought they had found a meteorite. collection. IAB-ung. 3515'N, 11816'W. 160 CyDL 160 2002 H5 76.9 g 89 They said it was a meteor, Procita, of Nevada county, California, added. 2.13 kg. The best resource for learning about Canadian meteorites is the site maintained by the . Please contact the facility and verify their policy and procedures BEFORE sending any samples (as your samples may not be returned to you)! Old Woman Meteorite weighing in at 6070 pounds (2750 kgs) during its stay at the Smithsonian had a large chunk removed which weighed 942lbs. Instructions and Pricing Note: Due to the increased interest in meteorites and the lack of funding, many facilities listed below may no longer be testing suspect meteorites for the general public. Sheephole Valley 002 - Find 1999. L3.7. Needles - Find 1962 Find. Chicago, Illinois 60605 277 CyDL 277 2006 H5 21.3 g 93 E-mail:admin@inconsulting.com.uaSite:https://inconsulting.com.ua/, National Museum of Natural History 83 kg. There are at least three problems. University of California 2860 g The 35 stone strewn-field was mapped by finder, Bill 82 (5A), 842. To the east of a narrow c, The meteorite classes of Prior and Mason are assigned to three proposed genetic groups on the basis of a combination of compositional, mineralogical, and elemental characteristics: l) the calcium-poor, volatile-rich carbonaceous chondrites and achondrites; 2) the calcium-poor, volatile-poor chondrites (enstatite, bronzite, hypersthene, and pigeonite), achondrites (enstatite, hypersthene, and pigeo. 131 g. - Additional finds made 2008 - TKW=9kg - Main-mass found on June Source: Meteoritical Bulletin 68. L6. Museum fur Naturkunde We take pride in our meteorite cutting which is on display in many of the worlds largest museums and meteorite collections. The American Museum of Natural History Supersition Mountain - Find 2000 August 15. The inside of a ceramic toilet tank cover will also work well. 24.5 kg. LV 013 -.- -.- 4.1 1992-05-xx L5 25.3%+/-0.3 S2 W3 B. Groves Groves Los Angeles, California 90095-1567 XRD identifies the major minerals in a rock, not the chemical composition. 02141 , . 39 kg. they leave light paths we call meteors or shooting stars as the Earth is showered with debris from distant parts of the solar system. The services DOC provides are designed to balance today's needs with tomorrow's obligations by fostering the wise use and conservation of energy, land and mineral resources. LV 003 -.- -.- 7.5 1963-08-xx H6 18.0%+/-0.4 ~S3 W3 R. A. Oriti Fall. 230 CyDL 230 2004 H6 16.4 g 89 But those names still havent been approved. The postponement of that other article has given me an opportunity to present in this article the current state of my progress in my on-going project that of maintaining a more detailed List of California Meteorites. You are fully entitled to, and encouraged to seek a second opinion. 018 SuV 018 2002 H5 2.74 g 90 mass of 56g were recovered. "Meteorites fall anywhere, but they are easiest to spot where there are few terrestrial rocks," said Alan Rubin, a . 222 CyDL 222 2004 L5 22.5 g 89 , 6, 630 We have cut just about every kind of meteorite. People also send me results obtained by X-ray diffraction. METEORITE TESTING AND CLASSIFYING INSTITUTIONS (from meteorite-identification.com) Cascadia Meteorite Labratory Department of Geology Portland State University P.O. A single stone was picked up by a hiker, This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Free Clinic 6 times/year Meteorite Testing Product Testing Gold Purity Manufacturing Lead Tests BUY TESTing Purchase XRF Testing With PayPal (No Account Required) CALL US TODAY! San Bernardino County. Sponsoring Meteorite Dealers. Fa = 24.8, Fo = 20.9. Randsburg - Find 2005 Jan 2. Sutter's Mill. Testing Lab: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm. Meteorite, asteroid one of those two, the departments captain, Josh Miller, also told KCRA. As your global leader in environmental testing, we pride ourselves on three main areas of differentiation: Technology, Service and Geography. Test the specimen's magnetism using a standard fridge magnet. The pace of meteorite-recovery in the state of California is rapid and the rate is increasing. LV 015 30.747' 57.047' 4.1 1998-11-14 L5 25.2%+/-0.2 S2 W3 B. Verish Griffith (Source: R.Verish). The Old Woman Meteorite weighing in at 6070 pounds (2750 kgs) during its stay at the Smithsonian had a large chunk removed which weighed 942lbs. Ivanpah - Find 1880. At a minimum, I need whole-rockdata for Na2O, MgO, Al2O3, SiO2, K2O, CaO, TiO2, Cr2O3 or Cr, MnO, and Fe2O3 as well as trace elements Ni and Co. 192.8 kg. LV 004 -.- -.- 37.4 1963-10-xx L6 24.2%+/-0.3 ~S2 W3 R. N. Hartman Hartman T. E. Bunch & J. H. Wittke Several fragments were subsequently found by Fred Mason, of San Diego, CA. HrDL 018 2007 H6 39.7g H4; Fa=19.8. When Oscar Monnig died in 1999, a considerable amount of money was given to the Geology Department at TCU from his estate with the purpose of maintaining the collection. Nearly 100% of all finds brought in by the public turn out to not be meteorites. The largest piece, 50.5g, penetrated the aluminum sheeting roof of a carport in a mobile-home park and was picked up on the carport floor several hours 36 kg. If the answers to questions 1 and 2 are No, then the rock is almost certainly Not a meteorite. Contacting US:The STEP 1 Preliminary Photo Evaluation is the best way to initiate engagement with us. Chicago Valley - Find 2004 December 27 . H6. Title: Major Increase in Total Known Weight for Danby Dry Lake (H6) California Meteorite University of California Los Angeles . 176 CyDL 176 2003 H6 187.6 g 89 7.7 kg. LV 037 2004 CK4 0.9 g 90 Fax - (406) 654-2367, Cascadia Meteorite Labratory (LV) - The select Meteorite Dealers below make this site possible and are all reputable dealers with whom you can buy from with confidence. Geo Labs Preliminary photo evaluations can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to be completed and delivered. Then press 'Enter' or Click 'Search', you'll see search results as red mini-pins or red dots where mini-pins show the top search results for you. Abbr # Find date Class Mass MB# (Reference) 003 SuV 003 2001 H6 65.6 g 86 L6 129.9g. Find L6. LV 030 2004 CK4 4.12 g 90 Houston Testing Laboratory providing Asbestos Testing, Mold Testing, Food Testing, Legionella Testing, Microbiology Laboratory Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing to Health and Safety Professionals . We have found and purchased many meteorites out of the field. July, 2022: I have received results of analyses of 672 samples from Actlabs and more than 140 samples from other labs. There are some simple tests that can be performed that help determine if a sample might be a meteorite. Three (3) of these "PA meteorites" are in the in the mineral collection at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (CMNH)in Pittsburgh, PA: The Bald Eagle . Samples sent for testing don't need to be large, a quarter sized fragment is all that is needed. Howardite, Fs=33.5-21.8, Wo=1.3-40.8. Pick a good spot. Find a meteorite testing near you today. 275 CyDL 275 2006 H4 16.2 g 93 We do not accept physical samples without a preliminary visual (photo) inspection of a sample. University of Mnster Do you believe that you have a possible meteorite? an element that does not occur in nature and the only isotope of which has a half-life of ~85 milliseconds. Image source: Planetary Science Institute: Encyclopedia of Meteorites (Meteoritical Bulletin database). ludovic.ferriere@nhm-wien.ac.at He said it looked like a flaming basketball.