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The film promotes Burlsworth as the greatest walk-on in the history of college football and there is an award the Brandon Burlsworth Trophy, which Marty oversees that is given annually to college footballs best player who began his career as a walk-on. She has 3 sons, Marty, Grady and the late Brandon Burlsworth. When he set his mind to something, you better believe you were going to witness him do it. Trophy honors most outstanding Walk-On for twelfth year . of prospects that meet your criteria, Monitor any person, property or Its a family-friendly film carrying a PG rating and, ultimately, an inspirational message despite the tragedy no one in the Burlsworth family or his football families at Arkansas or in Indianapolis could have imagined. Proudly created with All-time overachiever Brandon Burlsworth had his life tragically cut short at the age of 22, but his impact lives on 17 years later . Brandon's passionate yet painful faith story is now captured in a film called "Greater" which is inspired by the book written about the life of number 77. Burlsworth died in a car accident on April 28, 1999, and his story of faith and conviction has been gaining recognition in recent years due to various programs and a new biopic called "Greater.". You dont lose your faith I had struggles because [Id think] why?, you know. Sign up for 6 Free IssuesTry us out with a free trial subscription. They are active members of the Northside Church of Christ. Chris Severio plays Burlsworth (No. And then apparently that thought process was also out there in California we did hear from some that approached us but one thing I wasnt 100 percent sure [of] was the commitment level over there which was why when Reindls wife said [when] he sets his mind to it, he gets it done, you know, Ive always heard that in Hollywood [scripts] can sit on the shelf forever. Sure, there's some creative license in the movie, but the message rings true. Boy, did he have the size and did he have the skills. "I was interested," he said of those early calls from Hollywood. 2022 by BBF. And we were concerned that his faith would take a big backseatAnd we just werent up for that at all. But I remember going back to churchclose after the accident and after the death had settled a little bit. He spent as many days as he could in the weight room getting stronger. Jessica Mendoza's greatest pride is her background. Some of that was a little bit of filmmaking andwe were fine with it. So that makes it quite a bit easier to revisit because weve never really gone away. We understand that your home is important to you and we strive to walk you through the steps to get the most for your dollar. This story focuses on Burlsworth's ambition, work ethic, family relationships, and strong religious convictions; teamwork and courage are strong themes. And the only thing bigger than high school football in Harrison or anywhere else in Arkansas is Razorback football. Wed been to a couple of Razorbacks games before, and Brandon had seen the stadium and sat in the stands. The Olympic Gold Medalist shines light on her Hispanic heritage fueling her career. It's "Greater." Brandon Burlsworth, NFL player. And I was equally impressed with Missy, his wife [They] live in Fayetteville and they drove over to Harris to meet with us and she said Whatever he sets his mind to, he gets done that resonates with me because that was like Brandon. Now, if you find yourself at that Colts shop, I told him, You make sure and get us some gear this time.. I dont how many times Id call to check in.Coach, ya need anything?Id sit every week with the newspaper. Marty and Vickie have three sons, two daughters in law, an adorable granddaughter Blake, and a precious grandson, Carter. I dont even think he played one game. The film covers the issues he had with his weight and his incredible work ethic that earned him a chance. The voices of faith, hope and trust or the voices of doubt, disbelief and despair?. I go straight to the sports and see if any scholarships were offered. As they chat, Searcy whittles a face on a block of wood, a symbolic quirk with a meaning made nearly explicit in a startling line. Im sure he just got stuck in traffic, or maybe ran out of gas. Nick Searcy plays an unnamed character who chats with Marty about the apparent absurdity of existence, and their discussion is a bold and unusual move, even a genre-bending move. This was the dream. Neal McDonough does an outstanding job as Marty Burlsworth. But me and friends that were close to me were like This is like a movie. The family respectfully declined. She has been married to Johnny 20+ years and they have a son, Haden and his wife, Tristen, and a daughter, Haley. He is most famous for his college football career at the University of Arkansas. After his death, the Arkansas Razorbacks retired his jersey in his honor and encased his locker in glass for public display. Third, its beautifully and atmospherically shot by director David Hunt and cinematographer Gabe Mayan. I wasnt sure. She called me just before six oclock, with panic and worry in her voice. There are about eleven,000 human beings in town and one unstated rule: If it's Friday night, you're going to the Harrison High soccer sport. Burlsworth was too small (260 pounds) when he finished high school. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. And I could see a little white car parked in her driveway. Cindi Hagood is our Program Director of the Eyes of a Champion program. The state with the most residents by this name is Arkansas, followed by Colorado. But with no scholarship offer coming from Arkansas, Brandon bypassed offers from smaller schools and accepted the invitation to be a preferred walk-on at Arkansas. Unassuming, devout and a little dense, he never drinks, never swears and never takes anything personally. It was my dream, too, and I sure worked hard at it. The Passion of the Christ actor talks about the challenges of playing iconic roles and why good movies arent always family-friendly. [To] anyone whos struggling with their faith when something catastrophic happens, I guess the best thing I can say is- to me- thats somewhat normal. Brian Reindl is a real estate developer by trade, but a filmmaker by passion. It took some time for his skill to catch up to his will, but along the way, he turned doubters into believers and a walk-on opportunity into a scholarship and All-American honors. Marty Burlsworth, Chairman/CEO and founder of the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation, is a resident of Harrison, Arkansas. We first meet him as an overweight young couch potato (Ethan Waller) with apparent delusions of grandeur: Hes convinced hes going to attend the University of Arkansas and play for the Razorbacks. He played on both sides of the ball and would just blow the field up. I was just so proud of him. After his death at a young age, the football community came together to pay tribute to his achievements and his family and friends built a foundation in his name. Marty Burlsworth and his agents have been and will continue to be trusted names in the real estate market. Neal McDonough (L) plays Marty Burlsworth in 'Greater' (Hammond Entertainment). Its a simple but effective response, nicely underscored by the gospel anthem Ill Fly Awayrunning through the film. I think it was in June [1999] I think [thats] kinda when that started. The foundation has also worked with Walmart/Sam's Optical Department and independent optometrists throughout Arkansas to provide eye care to thousands of school students. I know it was hard. We had to have the funeral at the high school gym. It demanded an audience larger than you could pack into Razorback Stadium for 60 minutes of weekend celebration in the fall - or into the Harrison High School gym on a spring day of mourning. Because we dont want to be there- that close- to some scenes thatll be tough to watch even being filmed. I never used to worry before Brandon died. Over the next two years he reformed his body to become more muscular and went back to a 300lb physique. Not as devout as his brother, Marty turns desperately to faith in a moment of crisis when he wants a miracle. We just never felt comfortable with the literary license or whatever, said Marty, who to a degree was both brother and father; their father had long ago divorced from their mother, Barbara, and Leo Burlsworth died of cancer while Brandon was in college. "People are seeing it for the first time, and that's really cool," Marty said. But as I turned the next corner onto Moms street and pulled up to her house, I got a good look at the car. Catholic Church. The fact that he was considerably overweight in his early years results in some teasing, fat-shaming, and bullying; there's also some use of words including "ass" and "s--t." A deep dedication to our nations youth is a high priority of the Burlsworth family. And I dont want to say [it means] youre angry at God. Marty speaks nationwide on developing character and overcoming adversity. ", Trouble was, every time he asked "what input would the family have" in how the story was told, he got the same answer: "None.". Reindl made another unique promise that he kept. Still, with each pick, even in the first round, you get more and more nervous. Not early or easily when it came to football, but eventually and powerfully. They are active members of the Northside Church of Christ in Harrison, Ar. He believes by sheer word of mouth, the movie will develop a dedicated following. A deep dedication to our nations youth is a high priority of the Burlsworth family. near you, Up-to-date reports of crimes near Brandon was the first ever Arkansas player to complete his masters degree before he appeared in his final game against the University of Texas. Its a good story and, you know, Neal McDonough struggling in the aftermath thats absolutely true. Barbara Burlsworth. Now, at Arkansas and Indianapolis Burls Kids attend games for free. Id do anything I could for him. He shows up at the stadium for practice long before anyone else is there and when one of the coaches finds him, hes idly picking up litter in the parking lot. Actor Chris Severio (left), who plays Brandon Burlsworth in the movie "Greater, " autographs Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016, a movie poster for Mark Marinoni, 16, of . But Id do anything for that kid. Harrison, Arkansas. Greater, a film depicting the life and tragic death of Brandon Burlsworth will be released in theaters on August 26th. He earned All-SEC offensive guard in 1997 and 1998, was named first team All-American and was drafted for the Indiana Colts -- a role he didn't get to fulfill because a car wreck that ended his. I think the overall message of the film is we can learn from this and my character in the movie may not be 100 percent the way it is or the way it was, but that doesnt really matter. I kept track of how many might be left for Brandon.O.K., they gave one to that boy, thats 12 so far. Of course, he was my brother and you do anything for family, but things were a little tougher for him. In the end, Brandon got invited to be a walk-on. Why? Marty's current home is located at . Starting the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation shortly after his death, even as the grief was overwhelming, just set those plans into motion sooner. But he had his priorities right. Marty Leo Burlsworth (age 62) is listed at 3775 Savannah Drive Harrison, Ar 72601 and is affiliated with the Optional Party. Out of nowhere, Brandon knocks him out of bounds, Marty said. Even his peers saw an innocent kid who just didn't understand why he couldn't make it in college football, and certainly not the NFL. Pope Francis, Biden Commend Peacemaker Bishop OConnell as Memorial Services Begin. Not like my younger brother Brandon. As Brandon and I were standing out there, the offensive linemen came out, running on the field with their helmets on. Brian Reindl, writer and producer of "Greater," said he loved the opportunity to tell such an incredible story in his first-ever production. The phones calls started coming right after that. The family respectfully declined. His thick black glasses and resemblance to comedian Drew Carey gave him a unique look. He was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the 3rd round of the 1999 NFL draft, but sadly, after eleven days, he was involved in a road accident. Was there anything that you had to do for yourself spiritually or emotionally to prepare for the making of this movie? "It was a struggle similar to Brandon's struggle to play college football," Marty Burlsworth said. A shepherd during his younger brother's life, he would become a keeper of his legacy as well. The 22-year-old, drafted 11 days earlier by the NFL's Indianapolis Colts, was headed home to take his mother to church. We may still get one. Brandon Burlsworth was born on September 20, 1976, in Harrison, Arkansas. "I . It was 2005 and the . His jersey has been retired, his locker encased in glass, his spirit captured in a trophy awarded to the best college football player who started his career as a walk-on. Weve felt like weve been very involved and kept up to date on what was going on and were very happy with the outcome. However, even from a young age, Brandon Burlsworth (Christopher Severio) knew in his heart he would one day play college football for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and dedicated his life to making a difference for himself and his teammates.